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Let me preface this by saying this is going to be a whole lot of whining, and not even good whining... just whining about dumb stuff. I'm mildly irritated by a few things and need to vent.

1) The Bachelor. I have no-one to blame but myself but I actually wasted my time today watching this. I'm generally not super critical of T.V. shows, as I'll watch most anything, but this is probably the worst show on the entire planet. Even worse than crap like the reality show nightmare Sunset Tan (gives me the willy's) because it tries to pretend it's something better. P.S. Anyone that goes on T.V. to find true love AND thinks they find it... so delusional, words fail me.

2) Tumblr. I signed up as I mentioned the other day. I like it... and I don't. I am following a few sites that I truly like and the rest occasionally post something awesome but I have to sift through 500 photos of some "heartthrob" to get there. How do you find other Tumblr sites that are in line with your tastes, and consistently so? Why do I feel like I'm too old to tumble in this playground? Surely there are a ton of folks out there that post what I crave and are not into creating a virtual Tiger Beat.

3) Creating a website makes me tired. I have been trying to put together a website for a while now. The actual act of it has not taken that long so far. The delay has been in coming up with a suitable way to organize everything and figuring out what to include. I have a self-editing problem and am also sometimes indecisive. I think FINALLY I know what I want to do and any seasoned web designer could probably do what I want in a second but I'm stubborn, want to learn something new, and am dedicated to the idea of seeing this through. I don't know what I'm doing though, so I'm entering phase 2 of taking an eternity to make this. I want it over with so I can not think about it anymore.

And really that's it. Life is so tough right. I know, I know.