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tee time: sxsw

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SXSW is finally over and I have to say that I'm pretty glad. It was a lot of fun from a patron point of view, and educational from a volunteer point of view, but was also exhausting, dirty, and tested my threshold for invaded personal space and crazy strangers. I am certain I could not keep up with the pace if this lasted more than a week and a half.

I am slowly but surely uploading the photos I took and am beginning the laborious task of editing and converting. It's not something I relish so has been easy to drag my feet. I also plan to comment on a few of the amazing things that I saw and enjoyed. The lazy person that I sometimes I am, I am falling back on the organizing my thoughts excuse.

Here is a halfhearted attempt at a side project as I needed a break from my dictated assignments. There were so many folks that passed my line of vision. No doubt, festivals are a great place for people watching. One thing there was no shortage of were t-shirts, namely typographic t's. Everyone has a message, accidentally or intentionally... ironically or literally. In this endeavor to be a word collector I failed with my follow through but learned that another word for thesaurus is lexicon.

P.S. One guy is clearly not wearing a type tee but he REALLY wanted to show me his tattoo and i figured it's type, why not.