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1 minute photoshop: vulnerability

A few days ago I had my first brush with criticism about some of my pictures. The delay was not due to any super talent on my part, rather brought to light due the increasing power and reach of the internet... word travels if you happen to look in the right place, and opinions are always hiding somewhere. Needless to say I did not handle it very well and was a second away from having an ugly tourettes-esque moment or curling up in a ball crying. A quick call to the right guy set things right in my mind.

This brush with hateful opinions reopened my eyes to the fact that sometimes I am just way too sensitive... regarding a matter of things. Hopefully from this point forward I can take the bad as well as I can take the good... graciously, constructively, and rationally. Let's hope. That said I can't bite my tongue regarding one completely ridiculous comment. Dear whoever you are, if you are ignorant enough to confuse a silly photo of a mundane household activity as a sly attempt at racism you're the one with the problem. Not exactly taking the high road, but I only veered off a little.

One quick aside. Design For Mankind has a great video, as part of the Dialogue series, called Dealing with Criticism.