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birthday fun pt. 2

On the way back to Austin I had it in my mind that I was finally going to pull over and take a picture of this strange metal longhorn that is on the side of the road. Numerous times it has captured my eye. It's literally the middle of nowhere and there stands this shiny structure among many trees and an expanse of green grass. So we pull over and I find that if you look in the right place you'll see a sign advertising a Sculpture Ranch (apparently it has been there since the late 70's) down a one lane country road. With no time table we decided to investigate and head towards it. It was also free so really nothing to lose.

After about a 20 minute drive we found ourselves truly in the middle of nowhere, nestled in the hill country, and on a dirt road that led us throughout a scattering of outdoor monuments and artwork. It was seriously the best surprise that I've come across in forever. The sculptures were all pretty bizarre but ranged from mind bending sci-fi drugged out like to fanciful fairy tale like. We were the only ones there which added a surreal touch to an already weird atmosphere.

I didn't take pictures of everything on display but the above image is one photo as well as thisthisthisthis, AND that. And for grins if you want to see John in a silly hat, standing next to ugly underwear in the presence of an American flag go here. Anyway, it's a Texas attraction that should not be missed (the park not John in a hat).

The birthday ended in Austin with lots of friends and fun. It wasn't my birthday but I had a great time and hope John did too.