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website update

So just past the nick of time I got all of my SXSW photos together. I'm not sure what magical forces are against me but it seems every time I have a ton of photos to download and process my computer decides to be grouchy.

All in all I guess they turned out ok. I think it's really a matter of getting used to appreciating photos that I didn't think to take, or of a subject that is assigned rather than a project concieved by myself. I also still have a lot to learn when it comes to using a flash; I don't use one often, so have to wrangle it a bit when there is no other choice. My eyes are starting to crap out as well... perhaps. Focusing a camera in certain situations has been trying lately.

Anyway, the whole photo crew experience was fun and great practice. I still intend (maybe) to spout out some sort of music memories wrap up, but as more time goes by it seems pointless. We'll see. If you want to see a couple of the band photos I added to my website you can check them out here. Above is Riverboat Gamblers by the by.