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i have a hunch

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Hunch is a pretty cool site that I recently discovered. It is the latest project from Caterina Fake, one of the founders of Flickr, so you know it has the potential to be interesting. The purpose of the website is to help you make a decision regarding a multitude of things, from "What kind of car should I buy? Should I switch to a Mac? Should I dump my boyfriend? Where should I go on vacation? Should I get a tattoo?". Suggestions are provided after answering only a few questions.

I tried it today and posed "what job should I try to get?". Putting together dollhouse furniture was one bit of advice, so... I'm thinking I may need to test it out a bit more. Sign up and see what cyber counseling you can get. And I'm pretty sure that anyone can sign up but if for some reason not, let me know.