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junior high revisted

I have determined, and this probably isn't a brilliant discovery on my part, that my personality is compiled of a few different sub personalities, and I don't mean that in a dissociative identity disorder kind of way. One such "fascinating" slice is the teenage girl that loves celebrity gossip, bad romance movies, and cheesy pop music.

This facet of my personality sharply contrasts with my sarcastic snarky side. And thank God. Without a balance I would surely have no friends or be busy writing fan letters to the Jonas brothers (and creeping them out because I'm way too old for that). Anyway I'm worried that the scale is about to become out of whack and send me into a hairspray and glitter tailspin because I find myself liking this song. I need a copy ofAmerican Psycho stat.

Isn't this photo above charming by the way. I'm the sad looking mess coordinating with my bff.