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1 minute photoshop: addiction

Yep I keep going and going and these things get dumber and dumber. Anyway, I have a reoccurring problem that surfaces each time I fall in love with a song. I play it and feel lifted, happy, as if my skin and bones have turned to sunshine and candy, and naturally want more than my four minutes of bliss. So I play it again. And again. This can only happen when I am alone; no-one would put up with such nonsense. I play the song as if each cycle will produce the same sense of euphoria, recapturing a brilliant moment. But it can't last forever. With all the wishing in the world you can't avoid turning something great into something dull when you overdo it. Damn.

Check out this article on Mental Floss about a guy that turned the song-on-repeat-experience into a short film documenting his journey with ABBA. I'm not sure that I could handle Dancing Queen for 238 miles.