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1 minute photoshop: priority

Michael Jackson most recently has been primarily a favorite pop culture punchline but hearing of his death today, I have to admit, threw me for a loop and saddened me. I never worshiped him but I did enjoy his music when I was little. And to see him in The Jackson 5, how can you not be impressed... that voice, that cute face, that energy. Anyway, it always freaks me out when someone suddenly passes away and is no longer a physical part of this world. I know it happens all the time, in much worse ways, in grittier ways, in anonymous ways (at least away from the spotlight) and in a way it feels silly to devote attention to this considering that, but I am a little rattled none-the-less. If anything it's just another reminder to keep my priorities in order and make sure that the ones I love know how I feel.