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need to want less and to stop making these

Since making the "Dilemma" design it occurred to me that there is basically a never ending list of things that I want, most of which I definitely don't need. And since I can not totally turn off the want, can not afford to get most of what I want, and end up realizing life is fine without getting what I want, I still have to channel my desires into something.

Furthermore 1 ounce of encouragement has created a bad Photoshop monster so of course all thoughts are now on an Adobe collision course. I'd love to say this is the last you will see of this "project" but that would probably be a lie. I really have to run something into the ground to finally move on. Behold Need to Want Less, or what could be called "How I Got Lost in Nonsense and Abandoned My Camera". Less catchy, more accurate.