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website update

So it may or may not have been obvious that I took a bit of a break from the internet. I did not have to force myself, I simply had no desire or interest to see what it had to offer me. I occasionally I get into such a funk, and it's not necessarily a bad thing. In my time away I managed to add some more pages to my unsophisticated website.

One addition is the Stuff section. Seemed appropriate since my site says "Photography and Stuff ". This is where I have planted the 1 Minute PhotoshopNeed to Want Less, downloads of the lists I have made so far, and is the future home to a project I'm pretty excited about... Dos & Don'ts.

The other new feature is Sponsorship. You can read more about it over yonder but to give a quick overview it's a program I have set up to aid Recovering Lazyholics, most notably (and selfishly) me. I'm asking any takers to send me a quick tip for how they fight laziness. In exchange I will create a badge of sorts, adding your name (or I can keep you anonymous if you want) and your suggestion to a Sponsor page. The current layout is more of a place holder; I expect it look a little different as contributors accumulate.

Beyond that I have created a donate option. I know most folks out there are struggling with money so I don't expect to see much, if any, gifted my way. But if you have a spare dime to help me fund some of my projects I would be MOST APPRECIATIVE. Follow the donate link and Paypal will walk you through the rest (there is a link on the left sidebar as well). Donating sponsors will receive a small token of appreciation from me and I will also add a web link to their site (if there is one) in a special Sponsors section here on this blog.

This explanation turned out longer than I intended so I expect everyone got my drift here. Thank you SO MUCH for any interest you may have in my site or this blog or my photography or any other nonsense I come up with. Regardless of Sponsorship I appreciate the support.