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jim hance/strangely drawn

Last summer I took pictures of a friend's wedding, which took place at the groom's house. Hanging on the wall was a terrific painting of the Goonies reimagined in Lonely Hearts Club gear. I took a photo of it as a keepsake of the awesomeness... I did not trust my memories alone to do it justice, plus this had to be seen by others.

Fast forward to a few days ago and I find a comment on my Flickr from the painter himself, saying that he was thankful for the picture as he never took one. Oh joy for finally knowing who was behind this masterpiece, but greater joy for seeing the extent of his body of work. The artist is Jim Hance (aka Strangely Drawn). Looking at his website so much looks familiar to me now-- I just never made the connection. I love, love, love his style and humor. And I love that I was able to give him a memento of such a brilliant and funny painting.