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My stuff. Their stuff. And nostalgic stuff. This is the blog of Erin Hanson -- Recovering Lazyholic.

meet my sponsor

I can feel the laziness subsiding, thanks in large part to my new Sponsor guiding me through my affliction. Like anyone else in recovery, support makes all the difference. Kseniya Yarosh (aka Ksen) is a Brooklyn based artist and blogger that specializes in making zines. My favorite is the I Love Bad Movies issue (I can't wait to get my mitts on a copy). I love movies, and can't resist a bad movie (I'm thinking of you My Chauffer, which I watched for the first time in years and years).

As part of her duties to keep the lazy at bay she has provided me with some helpful advice, which I will be posting on my website soon. I trust that she will have a watchful eye on me as well, making sure that I stay on the productive wagon.

Please, please check out her Etsy shop for her wallet friendly zines. She also a few blogs... one of which can be found here and the other here. The latter is particularly amusing; it chronicles two women in her neighborhood that have a tremendous fondness for wearing red sweaters and hanging out by the window.

To find out more about becoming a Sponsor go here.

(original photo from Kseniya's flickr)