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need to want less: companionship pt. 2

I am really excited to be able to offer one of my Need/Want designs. As much as I don't feel comfortable giving myself a pat on the back, I really can't deny that it makes me happy if something I make makes someone else happy (so many "makes" and "happy" in there). So even though I feel like I make silly things I guess at least a couple people like them.

If you happen to be one of those people you can purchase it at Wall Blank. It comes in two sizes (at a very reasonable price). You will please Biggie and Boo (my dachshunds, little friends, cuddle bugs, and the source of much hilarity) and me too, allowing me to continue to pay bills and all that fun stuff. I am so bad at self-promotion, but apparently have no problem with guilt trips. And on that note, if you perchance missed your opportunity to buy my previous Wall Blank print (the horse in the field... for some reason I do not believe in photo titles yet my other junk feels naked without one), you can buy it again. You can get it here. And now I end my very parenthesis laden post.

Oh and thank you so much if you do buy something! And if you don't, I still love you.