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chalk chalk, yes yes

Sharon Montrose is a photographer that I absolutely adore. Her photos, namely the ones that focus on animal-kingdom-as-models, are sweet, simple, and breathtakingly exquisite. Aside from following her work for awhile I have also been a fan of her blog, which features her latest and greatest, but also at one point offered a "Monday on the Chalkboard" feature. This recurring post centered on musings, updates, conversations, drawings, and/or artwork that was strewn over/affixed to her home's dining room chalkboard . A particular favorite were the bicycle illustrations done by her husband, which amazingly have been translated to prints that are being sold in their very own Etsy shop.

Chalk Chalk features wheeled, human powered transportation devices (bicycles, tricycles, wagons, etc.) drawn in chalk.
Chalk Chalk offers original pieces and open edition prints made from the original pieces.
Chalk Chalk originals are handcrafted chalkboards measuring 8"x8"x.75,"and are constructed from fifteen ply baltic birch. Many layers of chalkboard paint are applied, sanded, and buffed to a smooth slate texture. Drawings are then sealed with acrylic fixatif. A keyhole mount is provided on the back for hanging.