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goodbye childhood pt. 501

By now I'm sure that everyone knows of the passing of at least Patrick Swayze (far right) and Mary Travers (middle) of Peter, Paul, and Mary; I'm posting this more for myself than to be informative. The fellow on the far left is Henry Gibson who died on Monday. You may or may not know the name but odds are he looks familiar. He was in a ton of shows and movies (Laugh-InWedding CrashersNashville and the voice of Wilbur in Charlotte's Web to name a few) over the last several decades; for some reason I had in my head that he was also Teller's (of Penn & Teller) real life dad. O--kay...

At this point it is starting to feel like a regular thing to bid adieu to a celebrity, but I wanted to make a special point to recognize this trio. Each one in their own way played a part in my memories of youth... whether it was making friends with a familiar and reoccurring face on T.V., hearing certain songs (to say my parents loved Peter, Paul, and Mary is an understatement), or witnessing the birth of a well-coiffed superstar has he subtly live a role(s) others would have certainly hammed up given the same material. Thanks for everything; you will be missed.

[ Photo credits from l-r Roadsidepictures, Getty Images via Soundunwound, ??? but I will add if someone knows ]