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michael jordan helped me pay my rent

Ok, so that might sound misleading. Last night I waited on a Michael Jordan, but it was more of the Michael B. Jordan variety. And when I say he helped pay my rent I mean he left me a tip. Where is the excitement in this? I have been frustrated (more than normal) as of late about my money situation so having a fruitful-ish day is a nice change. I also am more familiar with TV actors than I should be so I was proud of myself for immediately recognizing this fellow (The Wire (a personal favorite), Bones, and several other procedural dramas... and one soap opera). I am assuming he was here in Austin for Friday Night Lights.

He was a nice guy, sat at the Frogger video game table (which scores points) AND was overgenerous on a meager tab. Thanks guy for helping me keep a roof over my head and putting a couple of stars in my eyes. And also for further verifying what a dork I am. Thankfully I did not let on that I knew who he was and make a fool of myself.

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