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tv thursday

Thursday has always been one of my favorite days. This feels like a weird statement, as if ANY day can truly be better than the next, especially over a span of decades. I want to say that this love began with a regular childhood ritual that involved The Cosby Show and Mexican food (although I never actually had Mexican food... I got chicken fried steak; this place also sold jewelry and was located in a former funeral home, BUT I digress). Thursday fondness continued over the years and most recently re-established its specialness (due to my mildly superstitious and very nostalgic personality) via a series of dates with a certain fella.

So now I find myself in the midst of yet another Thursdaissance and it has come full circle to TV land. No, Cliff Huxtable and Co have not come back to NBC. The place that has been home to my belovedThe Office and 30 Rock has just gotten better with the arrival of Community. A long time Soup fan I was eager to see what host Joel McHale could deliver as an actor but was a little nervous. Additionally I figured this new show could easily be a lazy addition to a great roster... a show you are supposed to fall in love with because it follows a show you already adore, without any real effort put forth.

I tell you what... it's pretty great. It doesn't hurt that series supporting actor Chevy Chase is essentially passing the cocky-smirky-funny-yet good intentioned-guy baton (I think Bill Murray would also be proud... I am picturing the ulimate 80's high five); I have a complete weakness that traces back to youth for this character type. But aside from this very Erin-specific draw, the ensemble cast is, so far, promising, the writing spot on, and the continued potential for guest teachers (cameo greats) limitless. I'm no critic, so I can only simply state that it makes me laugh and I can't wait for more. Some choice sound bites (starburns, doucheray vision, my knowledge will bite your face off, and...

Last... Parks and Recreation thanks too (guitar shovel, rock fight, ovaries before brovaries, sugar slam); you're part of this magical package of relapse that I do not feel so guilty about.