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Poking fun at people is sometimes cruel, but it also an unavoidable fact of life (and is ok when done the right way). Human beings try a multitude of things and inevitably fail on occasion. And sometimes we all take ourselves so seriously that a bit of humor is in order to realign our egos and serve as a reminder that one of the most important marks of being a good person is the ability to laugh at yourself. Regretsy is a website that pulls some of the best of the worst from Etsy. In their own words... "Handmade? It looks like you made it with your feet." And that should be a clear indicator of their agenda. I would be horrified to be on this site, I'll admit it. And I do worry for those particular folks that somehow sunk their heart and soul into a project. But come on, an Ellen Degeneres cat fanny pack (as seen above); this is begging to be featured. On the bright side, maybe they made a sell.


Cruel to be kind" -- Nick Lowe