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need to want less: change

So this may or may not be an official return to the world of blogging. I make no promises.

I have tweaked a couple of things on the layout... enough to satisfy my "wound picking" nature, but not so much that I got in over my head and messed everything up. I still have plans to update my website and add some new things to my shop, but one step at a time.

Right now I have my sights on doing... doing anything, and a lot of it. Part of this will involve listening to my own advice and try something new, most especially with photography. The thrill is still there and I'm not saying I am abandoning my favorite subject matters (I am what I am after all and like what I like), but I need to try some other approaches before I bore myself.

I also am most likely saying goodbye to Little Pink Spoon, not that it was any brilliant endeavor, rather a running collection of images I like. Keeping up with it makes me tired. Tumblr as a whole makes me tired, especially as an extra project. I have been enjoying the last few months less tied to my computer and when time management (including what I'm doing, where it's at, and with whom it's spent) hits a good rhythm, well I'm going to stick with it.

Rambling point conclusion... focus and cultivate what I like, mix it up, and ditch the excess.