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now going down smoother

From what I've read around the 'ole internets some folks aren't a fan of the direction that New Belgium has taken with their series of redesigned labels. When I saw Ranger in the store the other day, I however honed in on it. Yes, they have sort of abandoned the more traditional packaging of yore but I think this minimalist approach is just as effective. Bonus, the beer is pretty yummy too. Or maybe that should be the other way around...

By the by, their reasoning for the change in their words:

Introducing our Beer Ranger inspired, greatly desired Ranger IPA. While IPA is not a Belgian style, and our brewmaster prides himself on not brewing to style but to the imagination and salivation, we agreed that a deliciously hoppy offering was in order. To introduce this departure in style, we decided to take the opportunity to depart from our current packaging themes as well. It also provided the perfect opportunity for us to re-introduce some of our treasured Belgian beauties.

For the full series check out New Belgium's site.