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spending time with clint

Recently I have been spending a lot of time with Clint Eastwood... through the wonderful portal of time suckage called Netflix. I can't really explain the sudden fascination, although he's an icon and starred in some of the more memorable films of the past (as well as being an Oscar award director). And any praise I have for him will just make me look like I've been living in a cave and am only now caught up on pop culture up to the 70's.

I just know that there is something magnetic about his screen presence (and not in a creepy I-wish-you-were-mine way) that makes me want to know him. He comes off as cool and scary, so basically if I had a chance to meet him I'd probably cower in terror but be unable to break free from my awe and stand awkwardly nearby. If I only I could really live out that nightmare scenario.

Besides his roles there are a few elements that make some of his movies worth watching (keep in mind I may be in the minority here). They are as follows:

• The opening credits/graphics to Fistful of Dollars as well as the entire soundtrack.

• The opening title sequence to Magnum Force (screen shot above)

• He stars in Every Which Way But Loose with an orangutan that drinks beer

And yeah, that's it, but I've only just begun...