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and then she saved - anna newell jones

Here's another item I've been hanging onto for too long. Anna Newell Jones and I met through Etsy. She's a super talented photographer that was kind enough to buy something from my shop (thank you again!). Now seems like the perfect time to introduce her with all this consumption talk. Anna started a blog/project this year called "And Then She Saved". In her own words:

My idea is to go on a spending fast for a year - spending money on necessities only- to see what happens, how much debt I can get out of and how much I can get into savings.
When I mentioned to a good friend that I was thinking about going on a spending fast for 2010 she sighed and said "Well, that doesn't sound very fun." Then, I told my husband what I was thinking about doing and he wasn't very excited about it either. He said "Great. No more fun. No more eating out. This is gonna suck."
I have to tell you, I feel the same way. Who would want to not get want they want? I'm the type that buys what she wants when she wants because I work hard and I feel like I deserve it. I know plenty of people that have the same feelings as I do about work and money and spending and not spending.
Inside my head I hear this loudly: "YOU DESERVE IT DARLING!" and truly, I believe that I do. I mean, I woke up early for goodness-sake! I did what was asked of me and I was even nice while doing it! I DESERVE that super cute trinket or hat or whatever from Etsy dammit! Besides, I work a full-time day job AND I run a full-time wedding photography business AND what else can I think of? I do a lot and my spending is justified... until it isn't anymore.
And.. that's where I am today... starting January 1st 2010 I'm gonna spend money on necessities only and I'm fully prepared for this to suck.

As a fellow wanter and I can totally identify with her; spending habits are hard to change. Take a look at her blog and really dig in. I'll bet you can relate to a lot of it too. And maybe say hello... I bet she'd like that. Oh, and maybe ask her about What Not to Wear.


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