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film friday: disaster movies

It's a Disaster

Now what would summer be without a disaster movie? Explosions, time running out, you against the world (or a madman, or technology, or health epidemics, or nature's wrath...), and of course a plethora of horribly dramatic one-liners and bad decisions. Maybe there's something special about the unbearable heat outside that makes our hankering for cheesy nail-biters stronger. Maybe it's heat stroke.

And movies likeTwisterThe Day After TomorrowArmageddonDante's Peak would be nothing without Irwin Allen and the 70's. Once again the decade that brought you a killer fish also laid the groundwork for another film genre. In the 70's however, the movies generally touted an "all-star" cast... sort of a bolder precursor toThe Love Boat.

Movie trends of course come and go, and interest has waned a bit since the late 90's early 00's, just as it did in the early 80's, but as the recent (and so realistic) 2012 reminded us all there's an expiration date on Earth, and as long as that clock is ticking we will be interested in things that go boom.

For a taste of the best of the best* see below: *yeah, China Syndrome may not be a textbook disaster movie but close enough...