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film friday: teens and ass

Teens & Ass

Movies geared towards teens don't really go for it like they used to... pants off, hormones ready to dive-bomb anything with a pulse. The closest thing I can think of is the American Pie series, and that was what, almost 10 years ago. Where are the films that are full of gratuitous nudity, raging parties, inexperienced horn-dogs with clueless friends as sex mentors, and maybe a hot tub or two. Cartoony and sexually amped-up, the 80's undoubtedly mastered one of my favorite comedy sub-genres. Yes, they're over the top and usually lacking much of a plot, but they're the perfect match for summertime... teenage hi-jinks and the quest for a little nooky. I guess nooky is putting it mildly (yes, I'm secretly 80 years old).

Un-Hughesian, they're good in that bad way, like spiked punch or coconut scented tanning oil, not at all sweet or poignant. Not coming-of-age, but coming of, well nevermind. I'm almost shocked that parents weren't on a constant dose of anti-hypertensives. But, I saw a lot of them as a kid and things worked out ok. Right? Anyway, my best guess is we can thank an onslaught of STDs for almost killing this kind of movie. Thank goodness for late night cable to keep the memories alive.

There were so many to choose from but I think I've managed to select the greatest hits. BEWARE, the 80's were less censored when it came to trailer content, so there's some jiggle and horizontal dancing in a few.