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how to hate the world

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The news has never exactly brightened my day. And sometimes being up on current events feels less like enlightenment and more like a punishment. Such is the case with the on-going saga of British Petroleum's colossal raping of the environment (along with their waste of natural resources and destruction of livelihoods). Every day that I watch/hear the news I sink further into that all-too-familiar global pit of despair. It's hard not to wonder "what's the use?" and living in a bubble has its appeal all over again. Can billions of people get it together when one giant company, with tons of money and resources, can't resolve a mess of its own doing? I'm simplifying things I'm sure, but when you feel overwhelmed that's the only way to process what feels like the undoing of a hopeful future.

The other day, with the gulf spill fresh in my mind, I passed by the local Sherwin Williams* store. I'm guessing that someone else in the world has also thought of this (since few ideas are really new), but I had my own private "a-ha" and decided that with some minor tweaking a new, more appropriate BP logo was in order.


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*Obviously this is not meant as any slander upon Sherwin Williams, an attempt to reclaim their logo, or profit from it. I feel silly for even saying so, but you never know...