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seal rocks

So I'm not going to give you a play by play of everything that my boyfriend and I saw / did while on our trip, but I am going to share a few photos here and there.

Heading into it we intended to be as thrifty as possible and I think we were fairly successful in that. It's always helpful when you are somewhere with a lot of scenery to feast your eyes upon, and when you decide that walking will be your main mode of transportation that also takes some heat off the pocket book. I am surprised that for every penny saved we did not some gain muscle mass in our legs. Damn, walking in San Francisco is not always an easy task. How does everybody do it... or do they?

One day we walked across Golden Gate park, determined to make it to the ocean. Calling our surroundings gorgeous really doesn't do it justice. There is a lush cleanness on the West Coast that you just don't find in Texas. Walking on soft ground as a canopy of towering trees look down upon you is also just as rare. Needless to say I was feeling a bit like a fish out of water... or a Southerner out of a dried up creek bed.

ANYWAY, we made it to the beach and hung out around a place called the Cliff House and Seal Rocks. The former is what is photographed above. No seals, lots of bird poop. There were also the remnants of an old bath house and a tunnel/cave that overlooked the ocean. As much as I like ruins I would have liked to see it in its heyday too.

All in all a great way to spend part of a day. And also apparently a great way to get completely sunburned. Some delicious BBQ sweet potato fries and a cold glass of Porter helped ease the pain.

[ image via The Hiv ]

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