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bon voyage summer

Today is officially the last day of summer. Really, it feels like it came and went weeks ago. Thankfully it has been cooler here in Texas; usually fall-like weather doesn't present itself until a cold front putters in around December, so this is a nice change of pace.

As far as summer goes I had many goals I did not meet... far too few popsicles, no tubing, only a handful of BBQ's, and just one movie at the Paramount. Going to San Francisco rebalanced the fun scales thankfully. I did also manage to watch Jaws and Jaws 2 roughly 7 times, collectively. It's sort of a right of passage and my inspiration for this poster. I just love the sails from the 70's and most of these are a rough translation of what was shown in the J2. If you've never watched these films, 1) really?!?!, and 2) find it on Netflix now and grab yourself a cold treat as you bid adieu to summertime.