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summer city

What great timing, as I pine over the season that was. The other day I was fortunate enough to receive a copy of Summer City from the always friendly Will "Mr. Fancy Pants" Bryan. The zine is a collaboration between he and Rand Renfrow and an extension of a larger project. From the Flickr page:

In their debut show, Summer City, this radical duo explores the basic struggle between good and evil. The good things being fruits, vegetables, exercise, and making stuff. The bad being dependency on technology, laziness, and negative energy. This isn't a look into something new, but rather a poke at themselves and their daily lives. As technology progresses and every waking second is consumed by social media, Will and Rand comment in their light hearted manner through painting, drawing, printmaking, and zines.

Ideas I can certainly get behind, and expressed so playfully. Check out more images on Flickr or go get yourself a copy of the zine or prints at the Public School shop.