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gobble gobble

Recovering Lazyholic is often a place for some "woe is me" silly angst but I'm going to take today to be a little cheesy and a lot sincere when I say that aside from the things I find to bitch about I'm truly thankful and happy to have the things I have. I'm also apparently thankful for run-on sentences.

I'm so very glad and feel blessed to have the friendships and loved ones that are in my life. And even if I can't eat well all the time, I eat. And I have a roof over my head. Can't ask for much more.

I hope everyone has a nice holiday today, is warm, safe, healthy and with someone you love. Eat some food, and get lazy too if you can.

P.S. the above image is by Craig Clark as part of R29's 3rd annual "By a Show of Hands" hand turkey extravaganza.