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america for recovering lazyholic


Ok, you caught me, it's really Austin for Recovering Lazyholic. And honestly it's not even necessarily that. I didn't realize until yesterday, as I was looking at friend and fellow blogger  Jodi's (of Drunk Dial) Facebook that I was nominated for Best Art / Design Blog on Austin Blogger Awards. Thanks internet for keeping me tuned into the world as it passes me by.

I'm both excited and ashamed. Mainly the latter, because I'm about the most predictably sporadic poster, at least lately. I'm about 95% undeserving but shoot I'll still bask in the dim limelight and ask for people's votes (and appreciate that someone bribed these guys to include my site). So I don't expect to win a thing, but might as well try and get a vote or two in an effort to get back on the straight and narrow of doing.

You can vote here and see all nominees here .The deadline is in a few days.