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i love new york

A couple of weeks ago my boyfriend (thank you for the ticket!!), some friends and I traveled to New York. This was my first time to go, but it's somewhere I have wanted to go since I can remember. It is one of those places that simultaneously feels familiar and mythical, largely due to my (over)exposure to film and television. In fact I found myself (and I'm probably not alone in this), creating a visual overlay in my mind of many sites, syncing them up to memorable celluloid moments. From Sesame Street, toThe Cosby Show, to Breakfast at Tiffany's, toTootsie, toThe Warriors, to 30 Rock, toTaxi Driver, and almost any Woody Allen film... the list goes on forever.

I wasn't so busy in my alternate reality to miss New York for what it really is (as much as you can in a few days), and was able to create unique experiences free of pop culture's shadow. We managed to hit many of the tourist attractions (like Time Square, Ground Zero, The Chelsea Hotel), and I literally got goosebumps when crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, but we also went to some more low key places which truly made the trip memorable. Beer Table (the good stuff), Rosemary's Greenpoint Tavern (32oz $4 beer, what a gross bargain), Union Hall (indoor bocce ball and my friends performing in their band downstairs) and Saraghina (mmm, squash gnocchi) were highlights in the entertainment department. We also stayed in an apartment which made us (almost) feel like natives. I couldn't have wished for a better bunch to have been with and I can't wait to go back.

I wish I had taken a few more photos but it's hard to focus when your mouth is hanging wide open in awe. You can see them all here.

I particularly like this one...


All you New York experts and locals, anywhere I should visit when I go back?