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these shapes will (cure) you

I continue to have some unfinished business from childhood, or have some yet unidentified condition that urges me to obsess over shapes and draw any parallel I can to objects across the world. The project is pure nonsense, and again it may be an exercise that only makes sense in my head, but in this instance I'm making a series that essentially categorizes the shapes in our life. It's called "These Shapes Will (________) You".

I started with "Cure". Prescription ads on TV seem to be burned into my mind. You have an ailment, they make a pill for that. You think you have an ailment, there's a pill for that. You want to prevent an ailment, there's a pill for that. In other words, there are a bunch of pills out there. I'm not downplaying the merits of modern medicine... someday I will probably need 1 or 10 to keep me going, but when you look at the options all together or lose the ability to filter out the number of possibilities, well it's a lot. A lot of big business, a lot of questionable science, a lot of money.

But I can't pretend that I had some grand statement to make in coming up this, that I'm trying to simplify what has grown into an overwhelming jigsaw of remedies ... I just like shapes.