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dreaming of pictures

Last night I had the most vivid and amazing dreams about taking photos. They were portraits, sharp, saturated, and a little haunting. But I remember feeling electric, excited, and happy about the new pictures... like I had regained a sense of accomplishment I hadn't know in ages. Then I woke up. On the one hand I felt invigorated, reminded that there will always be more projects, more opportunities if my mind has the power to take me there, and hopefully a chance to do/be better. But I was also really bummed out and let down, like I had tried to catch smoke with my bare hands and everything drifted off into nothingness.

A few days ago I brought in my other 35mm camera (the one that wasn't stolen) to get cleaned. I'm hoping it will be in decent working order and I can start clicking away. I have other cameras but find myself lacking the love or confidence to be very happy with their performance or what is produced. I know they are only the tool and probably not entirely to blame, but enjoying what you are using counts for a lot I think. We will see.