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murals of parks and rec

When Parks and Recreation first premiered I had really high hopes. Then I watched it and it didn't quite click; I found myself trying harder to chuckle, searching for a punchline, almost mercy laughing. Lo and behold, the next season was way better. Suddenly I felt confident and justified in finding the humor, actually excited to see every episode and secretly thanking Amy Poehler for the "just kidding, I'm still awesome" psych-out. So when they delayed the third season I was disappointed. Forward to now and the clouds have parted and the rays from my comically huge TV are ready to warm my heart and soul. Yes, can you tell I'm excited about the upcoming premiere. Also this guy will be joining the cast full time.

When I saw that Details did a piece on the hilarious murals that line the walls of the Pawnee Town Hall I was overjoyed. Clearly someone with an inappropriate and odd sense of humor was behind them; based on these alone I never should have doubted the show's promise in spite of its shaky start. It's nice to get a better view of them and learn the story of their origins rather than settle for the occasional glimpse or brief segment in the opening credits.