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need to want less: spare

One of my biggest faults as a human being is my inability to take care of my car. Ok, that's a bit dramatic but if there were ever a need for a 13th step (or 1/2 step?) in my 12 step program, it would be for this. In my history of owning cars I consistently fail to properly maintain them. Case in point my most recent ticket for expired registration. It's all about laziness and it's a hurdle I can't seem to get past.

My current vehicle is a Honda, which I understand is a highly sought after car in the thieving world. To look at mine one would think it is pleading not to be stolen by looking as hideous as possible. This my friends is the new smart car... self-preservation by appearing weak. Alright, maybe not... it truly needs help, starting with the tires. The treads are worn thin and knowing me I will wait until the wires are poking out as a final sign that there is no avoiding making the boring purchase. I'd rather spend that money on donuts. Just think how many sprinkles that is. Mmmmm. All roads lead back to sugar.