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new horoscope

Remember last week when for about 24 hours a bunch of people freaked out because our astrological signs supposedly were all wrong? I do... I thought, crap, it's bad enough that I have a crab tattoo, but now I have absolutely no reason for it. Well, in the end it was a bunch of hooey and we could all breath a sigh of relief that we can remain the screwy / unbalanced/ sensitive / headstrong / loving / (fill in the blank) signs we thought we've been all along. I did however get my hopes up that a brave new horoscope was on the horizon. How I wished I could have been half a taco. And had that become the case I would have also thanked my parents for allowing me to be born a little late and not be the balls. For now I thank Anna for the giving me a glimpse of the possibilities, even if it was short-lived.