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recovering stuffaholic

Since I am so marvelous at keeping up with this site I figured, hey why not start ANOTHER blog, especially considering how well that's worked out in the past (Little Pink Spoon, Reverse Engineer... and those are the ones that I sort of committed to briefly). I can't seem to stop myself; something seems like a good idea and the damn internet makes it so easy to act on these impulses.


Ok, so I have created a little sister site called Recovering Stuffaholic. Original I know. I don't know really what I want to do with it, where it will go, or if it will quickly wear out its purpose to unburden some part of my mind and then die. What I AM aiming to do is create an outlet for my other problem (aside from laziness in case anyone wasn't clear), which is collecting and keeping loads of crap. With my last move, and the ever watchful and worried eye of my boyfriend, the realization of just how much stuff I have became overwhelmingly clear. When you live on your own you can learn to ignore it; it feels like it belongs or becomes invisible.

I realized (rather could not avoid) that it was/is time to declutter or at least try to purge a great deal of the junk, if not for the sake of space, for the sake of the relationship. I also found myself wondering, as I'm sure most pack rats do, why... WHY? Why so much? Seriously, why do I still have a Lil Homie that I paid $.25 for? Why do I have a Liz Claiborne purse from 1987? Why do I have 100 misc stickers? I firmly believe that a lot of it is rooted in genetics; I come from a family of collectors. Then there's the fact that I'm a sentimental person. Also, I like being able to have something when I need it -- ready for any occasion (although using that rationale, I should consider getting groceries more often). Beyond that a psychiatrist would have to explain the deeper meaning.

Regardless of the reasons for my mess the fact remains that there is too much. Recovering Stuffaholic is / will be:

1) A place to chronicle all of the crap that I'm sifting through and what becomes of it

2) A reason to create another Flickr account

(3 don't seem enough). I mainly use the Recovering Lazyholic one so at this point it's bursting at the seams with all kinds of random stuff... photos, illustrations, family photos, ephemera, nonsense. Having an account to compartmentalize these things will help my main account stay more focused. On this new account I will have mostly scans of books, magazines, photos... all the odds and ends that I have, shouldn't have, or just got rid of. Some of it I will probably post on here from time to time. You can find it here.

3) Updated when I have the time, so no promises on how often I will post (I will however be adding stuff to the Flickr account pretty often I'm guessing).

And this was my really long introduction to a project that may never take off but exists for now. Wish me luck as I try to curb my ratty ways.