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search magazine

Say hello to another recent acquisition. For some reason I feel less guilty when I buy paper goods. 1) They're cheaper than, say, furniture or clothes, but they also don't take up much space (this is roughly 5"x7"). So when I spend a few bucks on something I really don't need that's also really weird, hey, whatever. This brings me to Search Magazine. I don't know much about it other than that it was published by Palmer Publications out of Wisconsin some time between the late 60's and early 70's. Here is a sample of the intro on the first page:

The pages of SEARCH are open to all who something important to say, to say concerning the occult, the unkown, the metaphysical, the controversial, the suppressed and allied subjects. 

In trying to research the story behind the company that distributed it, all roads led back to an interesting little man (seriously, he was 4 feet tall) named Raymond Palmer. He was the man responsible and also released or had a hand in Amazing StoriesFlying Saucers (which I also bought and will post soon), MysticThe Hidden World, and Fate.

Amazing Stories probably rings a bell for a few of youHe turned the failing magazine around and it became one of the more notable pulp publications of its time. He also published one of Isaac Asimov's first works, and has aDC comic character named after him. Not too shabby. There's a pretty good interview with his son here.

I picked up these magazines for the oddly vague yet direct article titles ("They Drank The Milk and Ate the Butter", "Freezing People", "What is a Ghost") but ended up with a more interesting back story than I could have expected.

Here is the other issue I bought after the jump...