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the selby is in your place

The other day I came home to a really nice surprise. There was a package on my doorstep. It wasn't a bill, a summons, a decree that my financial world was officially in shambles. I got a book, The Selby is in Your Place. About a year ago one of my photographs was picked up for a campaign. I got paid. The end. Well, the project didn't run for as long as they were expecting and my work was scrapped, which is ok... I got paid (sorry, my brain works like that). As a thank you and consolation the company that I had worked with sent me the book as a present. How thoughtful was that? It's a pretty great book with tons of images capturing creative types in their homes. I just love the image above (reminds me of the shower I had at my last place... ah good times). You can buy a copy of the book here.

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