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new in the shop!

Well I finally put these up in my shop... yay with barely enough time for V-day. I have discovered that I loathe taking product shots. So I kept trying and trying and I was unsatisfied with how they turned out... maybe those pockets of time to take the pictures was too small and I felt rushed. Anywho out of frustration I opted for no pictures on Etsy. Hopefully this is ok. If someone is absolutely dying to see a real live photo of the cards I will happily send some.

This set of cards is like the bigger sibling to the little Symbolisms cards I have done in the past. One design is actually from that project. The cards are professionally printed on 5x7 100# paper. They are blank inside and come with a brown bag colored envelope. AND if you purchase by February 11th shipping is FREE. Each card is $4. Follow the link(s) to purchase.

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