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these shapes will (kill) you

Here we go again. In a part 2 to this, I am bringing you the dastardly shapes that will kill you. The options were sort of limitless... yet I settled upon these. I almost wish I had kept going and made it extra long, but I wanted to stick with 20 as with the other poster. But come on.... French FRY would have been a great follow to the "french foe". I'm not going to strain my brain about it though; I just knock these weird things out try not to look back. I sometimes feel like I have an inner voice after making this stuff that says, "ok do you feel better now" and then I answer "meh, sure I guess". And that's that. P.S. My brain is sort of like a generic brand of tapioca today... lots of work, no sleep, many power outages, and dull flat-lining thoughts. Apologies if it turns out I accidentally posted a grocery list or cute photos of dachshunds doing cute things that only I would care about. Oh and while I'm dolling out apologies... sorry Australia. You're great, and I'm not scared.