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film friday: numbers game

Today is 11/11/11. Some of you may consider this just another day, while others think evil has knocked on the calendar. More likely you are peeing in your pants waiting for luck to rain down. I'm not going to lie -- I probably fit into the latter. Yep, I still make wishes when the clock reads 11:11, and I love any excuse to buy into superstitious nonsense.

Hollywood finally got the brilliant idea to capitalize on people's fascination with just a few little numbers by making a movie centering on the phenomena. It's come out today and I'm pretty sure it will be pure garbage. Here's a few other films, that vary thematically, but share the distinction of being numerically titled, and are almost all crap. Note:

10 is the good kind of crap, you know, if you're into Dudley Moore and cornrows (and who's not).