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need to want less


Cheese and I go way back, and have had a long, though not always kind, love affair with each other. It is sometimes cruel to me (hello, stomach upset), and I sometimes treat it poorly (hello, processed cheese product). Lately I have been trying to upgrade my tastes and delve deeper into the world of artisan cheese. I thought to myself... if I enjoy something so much why not learn the most I can about it. So I've gone to an Antonelli's (aka paradise) cheese class and some beer/cheese pairings, and even picked up one of these Scout journals.

My aim is not to elevate my knowledge so that I can pass judgement on your Kraft cravings, because lord knows learning about the finer things doesn't mean I will shun the grosser things. And because my addiction runs so deep I find myself not eating better (i.e. good shit in moderation), but more. My passion has taken a visible form which is my pooch. Please, if you happen to see me shoving another cheesy delight down my gullet, I give free reign to knock it out of my hand or give me a scornful stare.