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  • I have fond memories of watching 60 Minutes as a child with my parents. Maybe that's odd... I don't know. One segment I could always rely on enjoying was Andy Rooney's closing. Salty and big-browed, I was transfixed not so much by his image, but his insightful reflections on the everyday. He seemed simultaneously bothered by and beholden to the world around him. He's someone I wanted to know, but would be too afraid to talk to. I think his passing is a very unfortunate for us all. 
  • Another childhood love was Woody Allen. I'm creating a detailed map of my upbringing aren't I. Aside from his tabloid dramas and possible strange personal life his movies and books are some of my favorite things. I'm really looking forward to the PBS documentary about him.
  • Glee clubs... not so much. Glee clubs singing punk covers...  yes, please. A standout track is Dead Kennedys' "California". 
  • 52x52 is a wonderful project developed by artist Jessica Hische. The object is recruit folks to commit to donating $52 every week for 52 weeks to charity (a suggested charity, or one of your choice). The really great part is that you can also choose your own dollar amount if $52 is a bit too steep (which it probably is for quite a few/most people). Giving to others really couldn't be much easier. 
  • If E.A.S.T. Austin Studio Tour is something up your alley then you've probably already heard about it. So consider this a reminder, not a revelation. 


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