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color of the year

I don't know how I almost forgot about posting this -- after all, it's been a tradition since 2008. For those of you that care about the Pantone color of the Year, this is probably old news. For those that don't, well you're probably not even reading this. But here I go anyway.

So this is it -- Tangerine Tango. I'm a bit iffy on orange. Maybe it's the sea of Longhorns around me, or maybe it feels too Halloweeny outside of the holiday. However, contrary to many blogs out there that have assembled collections of orange things you should love, there are in fact shades of orange. I know, shocking. Someone might want to pass the word around. That said, and in spite of living in U.T. country, I think I like tihs version of orange. Could be because, and I quote Pantone, it's "exotic, but in a very friendly, non-threatening way". That IS what I look for in a good color. 2012 is gonna be good.