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project lemonade: dead tree

I make no promises that this will become a regular feature, because let's face it, there is nothing regular about any of my postings as of late. BUT, the intention here is to occasionally focus on those not so great situations or blights in life that pop up every now and then, and find the positive spin. Some people call this making lemonade.

Today we unfortunately have to say goodbye to a gargantuan tree that's in our front yard. We've known that it's diseased, however it still looks glorious and provides a ton of shade. The moment that a giant limb basically plopped onto our house in a very mild rain storm we knew the time had come to take some drastic measures. The downside.. well, it's a lot of money. Also, it's a living time capsule. It's kind of hard to make the conscious decision to remove a thing of beauty. (Quick note: there is an implied "we" in this story, but the tough choices have landed in my better half's court.)

So what can you do with a tree that's been given a death sentence? 

Jewelry Tree | Wood Slice Wall | Tree Trunk Bench | Tree Ring Paintings | Stump Table | iPod Dock | Cheese Board | Coasters | Dog feeder | Wood and Leather Belt Shelf | Stepping Stones Plant Stand | Cutting Board Pencils

What have I left out?