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Happy New (Many Things)

It's a new year (in case you just woke up from an abnormally long slumber) and also a new site. I migrated my portfolio to a different platform and used that as an opportunity to transfer my shop and blog. This has been a work in progress longer than I wanted and was more involved than probably was necessary (it's been over a YEAR since I last posted). But here we are.

As with years past I do not typically make specific resolutions, rather summarize a broad goal or acknowledge a few "damn, be an adult already" deficiencies. This year is really no different and can essentially be bundled as "get on with it"... or "get on with what's put off". I have many mantras which are really different ways of saying stop procrastinating (this is / I am Recovering Lazyholic after all). 

My knack for not doing seems especially out of hand these days (unless you're talking about 9-5 and the work that bleeds over even after "punching out"). So I aspire this year to be a woman on a mission -- no compass required, as long as the path is balanced in the end and I leave a trail of completed tasks / ideas behind me.