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Love, Loss, and Twizzlers

Some time has passed now, but over the holidays I decided that aside from gorging on sweet treats I'd also indulge in 5 seasons of Fringe. I had watched a little when the first season aired and didn't necessarily lose interest, but life got in the way and then I simply forgot about it. Fast forward several years and a Netflix whim turned into a two-week long commitment to my TV. I frankly don't know how I did it, just that it happened.

I have to say that while not perfect it hit a lot of the right notes for me -- the head, the heart, and the nerd, in one sweet symphony were satisfied. Rooted in Sci-fi (creatures, unexplained phenomenon, supernatural powers) the series piqued my interest but it was the steady blend of humor and heart... and of course Pacey and John Noble that kept me coming back.

At it's core it's about the things we do for love and more-so the emotionally driven choices we make when grief stricken -- those drastic measures that only make sense when faced with catastrophic loss. Regardless of those misguided decisions, somewhere there was a road that led to a less painful ending, even if it that place happened to be in another timeline.