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Hunky Dorky #2

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I am not someone that lives in the present (at least not very well). Being in the moment generally involves robotic-like focus dedicated to a variety of work related missions. As a matter of fact I am also not one to think about the future (unless you count those shocked moments that I look in the mirror and realize age is happening). It's not that I purposely avoid it; there is some wiring in my brain that keeps me in a "5 minutes from now" infinite loop -- an inward limbo where at best the same list of to-do's are constantly recycled. 

The allergy I have to planning may be harder to address, but I'd like to believe there's hope where living in the present is concerned. And that it does not come in the form of distraction, rather contentedness untethered from tasks and redundant wishful thinking. That will be the moment I have arrived.